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Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at
Thu Sep 29 18:09:51 CET 1994

Since there still seems to be some confusion about this.
The Usenet newsgroup fa.disney-comics is not meant to be
an independent newsgroup. It's only purpose is that 
everyone who want to subscribe to the mailing-list can
just read the newsgroup (saves some disk space, I guess).

The prefix fa is, as far as I know, quiet historic.
The first mailing lists that were "converted" to newsgroups
had this prefix (fa = from arpanet?).

Until this discussion I didn't know that this group was
distributed outside (Institute of Informatics,
University of Oslo). Do you get the other fa.-groups as
well? At the moment there are 105 of them.

Enough of that...

Since I am (at the moment) not lurking any more, I could 
as well introduce myself.
I am 23 years old. In the early seventies Hjemmet published
a series of albums with old Duck stories. My father bought 
me one when I was four years old, and I loved it (I've still
got it. It's a bit shabby, but...). The stories where all by
Carl Barks, of course, but it took some years before I dis-
covered that.
A couple of years later I discovered my fathers collection
in my grandfathers house. It consisted of Donald Duck & Co,
and a few monthly magazines, from 1953 - 1971, and apart 
from the years 1963 - 65, it's almost complete (my father
stopped bying them in 1968, and my grandfather has never 
commented the last three years...). 

Then I started to collect in 1979. A few years ago I started
to search for the magazines I missed. Almost everyone from
the seventies. When that is completed I continue bacwards.

I guess everybody have seen now that English is not my first
language. I hope it's not to annoying.

Then after some years with no surprises, and not very
exiting at all, I suddenly discovered a story with a very
different style. It also had an AR code that I hadn't seen
before. This was the best that had happened in years.
Suddenly it began to get exiting again. I always hoped that
a new issue would include a story by this artist, whose 
name I later found out. Since I am a collector, I guess I 
would have been going on anyway, but I am not to sure. If
it hadn't been for Don Rosa, I might have stopped bying
DD&Co (that sounds terrible...). After all, I have most
of Carl Barks works in the older magazines.

Well then, why am I not contributing to any of the 
discussions? There is one minor (well, maybe major) 
problem. The distance between me and my collection is
about 200 kilometers, which makes it a bit difficult
looking up things.

I started to read this newsgroup (eh, list) at once it 
appeared here. Before that I didn't know it existed...
I have also read most of the archive from lysator, and I
must say I am very impressed. Your knowledge about this 
subject is amazing. Through reading this I learned the
names of the authors and artists of things that I have 
loved for years. I also realized that it was worthwile to
read the American Disney magazines (at least Gladstones),
and I am know subscribing to them.

I better stop now, this shouldn't become too long.

   JAB  (jorgenb at

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