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 "MADS F0K", published by the students of math-phys-faculty at Aarhus
University, kicked of this year with the usual amount of "Calvin &
Hobbes" strips, "Far Side" cartoons, a Winnie the Pooh article and...
a better-than-passable DD ten-pager: "The Master Computer Scientist"!
 It's, of course, a tribute to Barks (who also appears.)
 The artist is unschooled, but with a professional attitude; it's
consistently horrific throughout. The best poses are well-stolen.
 The writer appears talented though. The predictable story-line is
well paced, and even without knowing any of the professors at DAIMI,
or too much computer science many of the gags work.
 Well, it was the funniest story I've read this week.
 I hoarded a bunch of them, in case anyone cares to look.

"A simple Turing-machine I built from an old tape-recorder!"
"You see, the Towers of Hanoi require *three* sticks, or it's

> Ole: I have all your stuff already ready to be sent, but I'm
> still waiting to be able to get the Index...
 Good to have you back, I was beginning to wonder if you were a
figment of my - or David's - deranged imagination:)
You don't think your 'family' could lean a little on this Ricciardelli
character, or is the only thing leaning in Pisa the tower? :)
Meanwhile, please send what you've already got. I'll happily pay
postage twice; my patience is growing thinner than my wallet...

> [...] "the "Remuda" Triangle, and the story [...] is called "Fantasy Island."
 The Danish edition was the only of the 4 Nordic versions I subscribe to
that used exactly those names, so I'll quote from that in the future.
Unless the Finnish is funnier.

> [W]hat SPECIES [is] our Hillbilly character[?]
> Is he a Duck? Is he a dog?
 No - and no. He doesn't have neither beak nor blot-nose. Unless his
down-to-his-knees-beard hide a pair of dog ears, that makes him a
close relative to homo sapiens, another 'missing link'.
(Just like Li'l Hiawatha and them other injuns).

> [Barks] hasn't done any new [oils] for quite some time[...]?
 I don't remember if I already mentioned this, but the imminent
Trojan story evolved from a painting, which may also explain the
question of the splash panel being by Barks or van Horn. Possibly
several versions of that half-page may exist.
 A series of DD lithographies is/was produced while Barks worked
on the Scrooge script (according to an interview in the catalogue
for the recent exhibition in Copenhagen and Stuttgart).
 Something special is probably also in the pipes for Egmont's
complete edition, scheduled for 1996.

> Can you give some codes of [Ben Verhagen's] stories?
 In my eagerness to make fun of you last time, I forgot to answer;)
This year he's had two stories published in Finnish Aku Ankka:
AAF 9419, page 22-23 (H 89153) and AAF 9425, page 12-22 (H 84060).

> Does anybody know if [Dick Moores has been] involved in the cartoons?
 As so many others Richard Arnold 'Dick' Moores (1909-?) got into Disney's
rapidly growing industry in 1942. Apparently he is one of the few artists
who weren't transfered from the animation department, and his first jobs
were inking Gottfredson and Murry (Jose Carioca sundays).
 The first story he both wrote, drew and lettered was Jose Carioca in
WDC&S #44. His "The Wonderful Whizzix" was reprinted recently in WDC&S.
 A Richard Th. 'Sparky' Moore, mostly did animation for Hanna/Barbera,
but also Disney comics in 1967-69 (Moby Duck, Robin Hood, Chip'n'Dale a.o.)

 The above data is from a heavily copyrighted article by Horst Schroeder
for "Der Disney Reader" (sic), previewed in "Carl Barks & Co". #9 (1977),
so watch it! Ain't it about time we got a creator hoozoo on ftp too?

 Everybody (that's no-one in particular:)
Please give the code when a specific story is introduced for discussion
if possible. At least the first time. There's always a couple of requests
for it in the following days, when we try to find it in our own archives.
And even if we recognize the story, it takes some time to track it down.
Not to mention the *wear* an *tear* on our priceless collectibles!
A little cross-referencing with Harry's database (plug, plug) makes
it almost too easy to find them. Just don't use *my* index! Yet.

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