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Fri Sep 30 17:01:53 CET 1994

> As so many others Richard Arnold 'Dick' Moores (1909-?) got into Disney's
>rapidly growing industry in 1942. Apparently he is one of the few artists
>who weren't transfered from the animation department, and his first jobs
>were inking Gottfredson and Murry (Jose Carioca sundays).
> The first story he both wrote, drew and lettered was Jose Carioca in
>WDC&S #44. His "The Wonderful Whizzix" was reprinted recently in WDC&S.
> A Richard Th. 'Sparky' Moore, mostly did animation for Hanna/Barbera,
>but also Disney comics in 1967-69 (Moby Duck, Robin Hood, Chip'n'Dale a.o.)
> The above data is from a heavily copyrighted article by Horst Schroeder
>for "Der Disney Reader" (sic), previewed in "Carl Barks & Co". #9 (1977),
>so watch it! Ain't it about time we got a creator hoozoo on ftp too?

'RoC': Thanks. Yes, I figured he had that background. I will try to get the
Disney Reader. I don't know very much about were to get biographical stuff
about the artists, so more tips about, for instance, Murry and Strobl would
be appreciated. Eventually maybe we could compile a small encyclopedia with
data about the more important artists.


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