Jippes and the JWW

James Williams James_Williams at ESS.NIAID.pc.niaid.nih.gov
Fri Sep 30 20:41:40 CET 1994

Jorgen said:

>It said the story was written, and drawn, in the seventies. I 
>thought the art was quiet new. 

You're both correct.  Carl Barks gave up drawing comic books before he
quit writing them.  The catch is that Carl didn't use scripts, he used
rough breakdowns instead.  According to Mark Evanier, this was a 
normal method used by most "funny animal" publishers.  I think Archie
Comics still uses this method.  So Carl Barks wrote a series of
Junior Woodchuck stories.  These were finished by other people and
printed.  But, the artwork wasn't anything special.  Daan Jippes
has been re-inking these stories.

While I understand this, I still have some questions.  I always thought
the policy was that the scripts were thumbnail sketches.  When the
artist went to draw the stories, they used the thumbnail sketches for
reference.  If that is the case, why is this called re-inking? Second,
the thumbnail sketches would have been tossed when the pencils were
finished unless Carl kept a copy.  Third, if Carl's scripts had
really been full sized rough breakdowns and not thumbnail sketches,
wouldn't those pages have been inked already.  Once their inked, the
original rough pencils are gone.  Again, it is always possible Carl
kept a copy of these.  If anyone know the exact details, I'd be
interested in hearing them.

James Williams

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