Carl Barks Day

Janet Gilbert jgilbert at
Sat Apr 1 02:10:59 CEST 1995

Hello, everyone!
I'm emerging from my lurking mode to report on Carl Barks Day here in 
Oregon.  My husband Michael and I were thrilled to finally meet the "Ol' 
Duck Man" a few minutes before the ceremony.

A short time later, Carl was honored by the Oregon State Senate with a 
special proclamation, which was then voted on by all the senators.  (All 
voted "yes," BTW!)

A reception followed, with a small display of art (including the DD 
Birthday litho, his latest, I think) and a big Donald Duck cake.  We then 
met some of Carl's grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who were all 
extremely nice and shared some great memories about their Grandpa Carl.

One grandson recalled with delight the Uncle Scrooge moneybags Carl gave 
them when they were little (with real money inside!).

A granddaughter said Carl would pay them for good story ideas.  (Sorry, 
didn't get around to asking if he ever bought any!)

The grandchildren also shared their feeling about what it was like to 
have a "famous" grandpa that nobody really knew about.  

One granddaughter said she used to brag that her grandpa created Uncle 
Scrooge, but no one ever believed her.  After a while, she quit telling 

Carl's grandson remembered that when he once told a teacher his grandpa 
created Uncle Scrooge, she thought he meant Ebenezer Scrooge.  

"And so--"
A very happy time was had by all!

                                              --Janet Gilbert
                                                Eugene, Oregon
(Home of the University of Oregon Fighting Ducks, whose mascot is Donald 
Duck.  His pic is on the stadium and everything else around here!)

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