Disney-comics digest #636.

Tommi Perkola matope at uta.fi
Thu Apr 13 10:13:47 CEST 1995

Don Rosa wrote:
>  particularly Finnish which the rest of Europe even makes fun of
> for its extensive word lengths. 

Actually i don't think Finnish words and sentences are remarakably
longer than in, say, German. The reason why text demands so much space
in Finland is the way it is translated in "Aku Ankka". Translators
have a tradition there of using as large a vocabulary as possible and
try to fill text with their own gags. This makes the language of Aku
Ankka somewhat artificial, which distubs me at least in classic
stories, most of new ones are so poor, that almost nothing can make
them worse. Yet, Beagle Boys and HD&L speaking like lawyers or


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