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Mattias Hallin Mattias.Hallin at jurenh.lu.se
Thu Apr 13 10:07:55 CEST 1995


            Long time, long lurk... but I figger I want to wish you all a Happy
Easter/Jolly Pesach/Neat Holiday Of Your De- Or Nondenominational Choice!!!

So -- 'tis done!


      You might like to know that I and Jakob are going to give NAFS(k)uriren
#25 the final touches this weekend, and that it'll go to the printers next
week! Of course we'll be sending you a coupla copys for free -- but to what
address would you like us to send'em? Anyway, your article ("En mus i svart
och vitt") will be some twenty pages, extensively illustrated, and as good a
reason you ever had to learn some Swedish... (add smiley of choice if choice).
IMHO it has turned out real nice!


       I got the latest issue of your 'zine t'other day -- thanks! This also
reminded me (as intended?!?) that I should have sent you that book I got for
you ages (well, months...) ago. I shall wait, however, until NAFS(k)uriren #25
is out and enclose a copy, since a) you can read it, and b) I think it might
interest you. Rest assured that though I might be kinda slow, I'm *not*

All my best to everyone!


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