Disney-comics digest #633.

Cdoberman@aol.com Cdoberman at aol.com
Thu Apr 13 21:55:55 CEST 1995

<but they didn't show Todd Klein the correct lettering for the sign on the
Black Jack Ballroom>
It looks like 3 panels later (where Scrooge is buying the nails), the
lettering on the sign - which is faded - is as Carl Bark's designed it in
"Back to the Yukon."  Did you do this one?

< I think the cover for $CROOGE MCDUCK IN THE YUKON #1 will top this one >
 I saw it in that ad Bruce Hamilton sent out with all his little thousand doll
ar posters and dolls (and the explanation of why he's taking the cover off of
one of my favorite titles: DD), and it looks gorgeous!

Also, in your essay on The Making of Lof$ ch. 8, you wrote: "The route into
the Klondike was from the town of Skagway over the White Pass, or from the
town of Dyea over the Chilkoot Pass.  But who's ever heard of Dyea or the
White Pass?  Therefore I mixed and matched."  
Didn't Barks do the same thing in 'Back to the Klondike'?


"But, Mickey, it's SUICIDE!  We'll be KILLED!  How'll we ever land without
wheels?" -- Captain Doberman

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