Disney-comics digest #623.

deckerd@agcs.com deckerd at agcs.com
Tue Apr 18 23:21:59 CEST 1995

>      This story was swiped directly from Daan Jippes' first story -- I 
> know because I just translated that.  In the original, it's HDL who tell 
> Donald about the difference between greed and luck, and DD goes to a 
> fancy restaurant to spend the money (where, of course, the waiter turns 
> out to be the wallet's owner).

This sounds like a Dutch story Gladstone sent me to translate last year.
It was a Milton/Jippes collaboration, three pages long, and had to
do with HD&L wanting French fries and Donald wanting expensive snails.
There was a pun waiting to happen that couldn't exist in the original
Dutch version but did in English, so I took advantage of it: Donald
saying, "If you kids want French food, how about snails?" Donald tried
to pay for his expensive meal with a wallet he had found, and of course
it turned out to be the wallet the waiter had lost. My proposed title
for the story was "I Only Have Fries for You"; the original title literally 
translated from Dutch was something on the order of "Potatoes a la Pokey"
(since the last scene is Donald in jail). I dunno when it will appear,
but at only three pages it won't be squoze out by Hamilton's new page
count restrictions, at least.


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