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Thu Apr 20 07:55:05 CEST 1995


Thanks for the invite to be on the Disney Comics panel in San Diego this
year. I'll be happy to be on the panel, but it'll depend on what time when it
is. I'll be at the con all day Thursday and Friday and then just the first
part of Saturday. I think I'll be flying out about 2 p.m., but my plans
aren't carved in stone yet. I haven't been to San Diego for two or three
years now and I was hoping to be there for the whole con, but my wife's 40th
birthday is that weekend. And so...well, some things are more important than
comic books. (Not many, but some.)

Anyway--whether I'm on the panel of not--I'd like to meet you and some of the
other "new" Disney people. Sheesh, I guess that makes me one of the "old"
Disney people. I'll be easy to recognize. I'll be the one in the rocking
chair mumbling, "Oh, me! Oh, my! How time flies!"

BTW, David, I'd like to see your version of "Nature Park Ranger." As a writer
I'm always interested to see how two people handle similar--or in this case

On another subject, David, I think your idea of us all writing a joint
petition to Bruce Hamilton is neither necessary nor terribly practical. First
of all, I don't think a letter from us is going to change Bruce's mind.
Second, I don't see any reason that the format changes which seem to have
upset you so terribly will have any substantial long-term affect on
Gladstone's use of new or reprint material from Egmont.

I talked with John Clark today and he confirmed what I'd already heard from a
member of the production crew the other day. The 64-page books are history.
The only one that they're still planning to print is Uncle Scrooge Adventures
#33 with the Barks-Van Horn "Horsing Around With History" story. I assume
Gladstone feels that there will be enough fan interest in a new Barks story
that people will be willing to put out $2.95 for it.

I'm sorry to see the 64-pagers go, but I suspect they'll be back some day--or
some year--down the road. In any event, Gladstone didn't put out that many
64-page issues anyway. So it's hard for me to get too upset.

In any event, John assured me that Gladstone will still be using new material
from the U.S. as well as reprint material from Egmont and that the format
change won't substantially affect that.

As to my story "Peace in Pieces" which got bumped out of Donald Duck
Adventures #33, it's been rescheduled and should be appearing in Donald Duck
Adventures #38--unless, of course, something else goes wrong.

BTW, John tells me that Gladstone now has all of  its  stories scheduled
through April of 1996.

I hope this info is of some help to you. I realize how frustrating it can be
to have to wait months or even years for your work to appear. We're all in
the same boat in that regard. All we can do is keep paddling and hope not to
spring a leak.

-----John Lustig 

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