John and Dave in digest #639.

H.W. Fluks fluks at
Thu Apr 20 13:20:20 CEST 1995

JOHN "DucksEtc.":

> A thousand pardons.

Not needed. My statement about me being Dutch was more a general statement
to the list. After all, how could you know I'm from The Netherlands? Most
of the time, I don't use my signature.
And then there's that confusion about The Netherlands, Holland, Dutch,
Deutsch, Germany. In America, a lot of "Dutch" actually means "Deutsch",
i.e. German (like the Pennsylvania Dutch). When I was in the USA, one
American told me he was sure that Holland and Finland were two of the


> HARRY: While the stories I mentioned were indeed for Egmont
> "digests" that's not true of aLL my stories. I work in both formats
> and many lengths. Thanks for asking!

When will we see one of your stories in a Gladstone comic? I read a lot
about your stories on this list, but I have never seen one.


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