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Mon Apr 24 19:24:40 CEST 1995

      EVERYONE:  For months, the WWW site has had a place where the 
"history of Disney comics in America" was supposed to go, but in 
brackets next to that, it said that the link didn't lead to anything 
yet.  Well, I've written such a history -- pretty lengthy, as it turned 
out, given what Per wanted me to cover -- and Per's put it at the 
WWW-site now, so you can read it.
      That site is: http://www.update.uu.se/~starback/disney-comics
      Or if you don't have WWW access and want to read my article, 
E-mail me and I'll send it to you that way.
      DON:  I just realized that I misstated why you started working for 
Egmont in this history!  I'll fix that soon.  (I said it was Disney's 
implosion that caused it -- how'd THAT happen?)

      I've also updated my introduc(k)tion to talk about some of my 
goals in my comics career and add some updated information about my jobs 
for one duck editor or another.  In fact, Per has put all our 
introduc(k)tions on the WWW page now, so they don't have to be ftped 

      DD 291 CAME OUT last week.  Has Barks' "Fearsome Flowers" opening 
the book, plus 16 pages of AT dailies and 3 Strobl 1-pagers.  That's 29 
pages of comics (!) but I can't say they're the most exciting ones.  The 
AT strips ARE all uncensored and include a very funny sequence based on 
the film "Donald's Ostrich" -- reprinted for the first time since 1941.  
The comic has a beautiful Italian cover illustrating the Barks story.  
It's a Cavazzano-style DD, perhaps the first one that has ever appeared 
on an American comic.

      This week in DM we finish "Goofy Midas."  "Mickey Aladdin" begins 
next issue with Mickey as Aladdin and, of course, Goofy as the Genie.  
Disney already ran a story like this in WDC&S 584 and I don't think this 
one can be much better.... >sigh<  But that's just my opinion.  Seems to 
me, by the way, that no one's list of Goofy History stories that I've 
yet seen includes this one.  Maybe fewer countries published it because 
it starred Mickey, not Goofy.
      Eight months from now, when "Aladdin" is over, we get a Ferioli 
story.  But who's counting the days?  ;-)

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