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Tue Apr 25 05:20:19 CEST 1995

     I wasn't aware that Pat Block was going to be doing new stories for most
issues of DDA. If that's the case then it certainly will make it harder for
other new material to appear. Still I'm glad that Gladstone is making more of
a commitment to new material and I'm glad to see Block doing more.

I'm really not sure how to respond to your assessment of the remaining
Gladstone titles. The situation you describe is based--I assume--on what
Gladstone is currently doing with those titles. Will that continue to be the
case? I don't know for sure. Have you talked or written to John Clark to find

I think most of us would like to see Gladstone reprint more quality Egmont
stories, newly-commissioned U.S. stories and classic old stories
(particularly Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse) that have never or rarely been
reprinted. I suspect most of the people at Gladstone would like to see more
of all that too. And--if you take the long view--I think eventually most of
these things will happen. (Otherwise eventually Gladstone will run out of
material. There's a lot of wonderful Barks material, but you can only reprint
it so many times in a space of a few years.)

I'm sure you would do some things differently if you were in charge of
Gladstone. Me too. But we're not in charge. And I can't think of any reason
why Bruce Hamilton would (or should) change his approach to business just
because we tell him we'd like to have more of our stories printed.

Despite all these years in the business, I've barely met Bruce. So I really
shouldn't speculate about his reactions. Don Rosa knows Bruce far better and
perhaps he has an opinion on all this.

In any event, I have my doubts about your idea of a petition asking Bruce to
change the make-up of his comics. I have no reason to think Bruce would react
favorably and I don't think you're going to be doing the cause (or yourself)
any good by formally petitioning Bruce.

I'm sorry I can't be more encouraging. 

----John Lustig

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