DD&Co #15

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Wed Apr 26 23:33:49 CEST 1995

Donald Duck & Co #15 1995

- Donald Duck (D93280, 10 pages). Art by Vicar.
Uncle Scrooge, Donald and the nephews are going to Solaria to find
out why the workers in one of Scrooge's mining companies have stopped
working. The nephews are in a bad mood, because there is an easter 
egg contest at the school. The point is to paint the best looking egg, 
and one boy in their class use to always win the contest.
They come to Solaria, and find that the workers don't dare to work,
because the area is governed by a pygme king and his tribe.
US & Co go out to find the king. On their way they save the life of a 
pygme, who they think is a child. They meet the king who calls them
his friends, because they saved his brother. Scrooge tells him that
he'll leave the area to the pygmes. The nephews bring back a painted
ostricht egg, and win the contest.
Well... the writer knows Barks, no doubt about that, but the story is
too short to be really good. Scrooge & co is saved from a bunch of 
dangerous animals by the pygmes, but is that a good enough reason for
him to just leave the area to them? Everything seems to be just stuffed
into too few pages. The art is good, BTW.
You Americans won't see this anyway -- the pygmes are black.

- Mickey Mouse (D93228, 5 pages). 
Mickey and Goofy are hired to hide some jewels. One of Goofy's old 
aunts are visiting them at the same time. She saves the jewels from a 
The art isn't too bad, whoever did it, but the story is quite pointless.

- Donald Duck (D93337, 7 pages). Art by Santanach.
Daisy has got tickets to a 25 years anniversary at the school where she
and Donald gratuated 25 years ago. Donald tries everything to destroy 
the tickets, or to find any reason not to go to the party. At last he 
has to give up. The reason was that he never finished the final exam,
and was too emabarassed about this.

- Uncle Scrooge (D94066, 8+ pages). Don Rosa.

- Donald Duck (KF 18.8.46). Bob Karp, Al Taliaferro.


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