Jo/rgen in digest #646.

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Thu Apr 27 13:10:10 CEST 1995


> ["David"] seems to be the one who draw Br'er Rabbit with that big hair
> curl on the top of the head. Extremely cute, but not bad.

I disagree. It's awful. That cute character is not the Brer Rabbit I know.

> - Junior Woodchucks (H92107, 12 pages).
> Is this one of the Barks/Jippes stories? It isn't mentioned in Harry's 
> index.

It is the one I coded H 92167. I think that code is wrong, because there
is also another story with that same code. Either the code was wrong in
the first Dutch publication, or I made a mistake when indexing it.
I'll fix that.

> - Donald Duck (H9366 (93066), 10 pages). Mau Heymans (or Heijmans?).

Let's say Heymans. That's how Gladstone credits him, and I think he is
spelled that way in a Dutch magazine.


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