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Fri Apr 28 00:17:18 CEST 1995

In past postings, I've mentioned a 39-page Mickey Mouse
"Which-Way" (i.e., a story with several alternative plotlines
and endings you can choose yourself) that I translated from
Italian last year for Gladstone. The original intent was to
run it in a giant-sized issue of Donald & Mickey, but with
Hamilton's announced plans for changes at Gladstone, that
obviously could no longer be the case. I had occasion to call
John Clark just now and I asked what they plan to do with the
story. Since I've already been paid for the work, it's really
their problem to get their money's worth, but I do have an
interest in seeing it in print rather than having to tell 
people there's this great story they'll never see languishing
in Gladstone's filing cabinet. From what John told me, they
do intend to use the story somewhere, sometime. I'd assume that
the new 48-page Collectory comic would be a likely place since
it's the only title in the line with enough pages to run the
whole story in one gulp (due to the nature of the thing, the
story can't be serialized), but in any case it won't be very
soon. Like this time next year? 

I also volunteered to write a text piece the next time they
reprint the WDC&S #81 ten-pager, describing the background of
the 1946/47-era US Army tests of captured German V-2s at White
Sands, New Mexico. I'm afraid the more dated elements in Barks's
older stories are going to need more explication as time goes
on. I mean, I've had to explain the significance (and the
symbolism!) of a copy of a book called "Mein Kampf" lying on a
junkpile that Barks did as a throwaway gag (so to speak) -- my 20-
something friend grew up in an era long after World War II references
were common and universally understood. In this current thing with
the WDC&S #81 story, I've had to tell people what a V-2 was.

--Dwight Decker

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