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H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Fri Apr 28 09:59:46 CEST 1995

Fredrik and all:

I have been busy the past few months in totally reconstructing the software
of the Disney comics Database (DcD). There are a lot more possibilities now.

One thing that has changed is that I now have _two_ output formats. One
readable for humans, like in the previous DcD version, and one more
readable for computers (but still plain Latin-1 text). To give an
example of both formats, let's use the first 2 entries in Disney
Comics's Autumn Adventures #1.

The output format 1 looks like this (as part of the file "gl-aa-dad.issues"):

Issue     Story        Pa L Plo Wri Art Ink Hero Tag:Title or description [comment]
          code         ges  ttr ter ist er

 AA = Autumn Adventures

AA    1a KQ 1390        1 c                 FD  O:Disney Characters on Picknick
AA    1b W WDC 169-03  10       CB  CB      DD  D:Travelling Truants [rp:LICW 26]

The output format 2 looks like this (wrapped to max 80 columns in this mail):

KQ 1390^g^k^AA    1a^ 1^c^O:Disney Characters on Picknick^hero:FD^
W WDC 169-03^g^k^AA    1b^10^^D:Travelling Truants^writ:CB^art:CB^hero:DD^date:5
4-01-07^rpg:LICW 26^rpu:WDC 422^rpn:55-38,86-15,BV.54,KV.08^rps:55-07,73-31^

While in a header file the following lines occur:

1^AA^g^Autumn Adventures^max:2^
2^AA    1^g^^inx:FEk^

(I still have to make an exact description of the formats...)

This "internal" format was meant for my own use at first, but it seemed handy
for use by Per as well for his WWW search programs.
Now I think it can also be used for conversion to the Grand Comics Database.
I can't use ftp or WWW, but I'll ask Tim Stroup if he can send me his
formats and examples by e-mail.

I added header lines to the database, which give information about
series or individual comics, like titles, cover dates, who indexed the comic and
maybe some other things. I am now able to generate lists of comics that have
alreay been indexed, and a list of indexers. The latter currently looks like

Legend of indexers of USA comics in the Disney comics database

AB    Alberto Becattini (typed in by HF)           [100]
AEn   Anders Engwall                               [8]
AKr   Andrew Krieg                                 [36]
DGe   David Gerstein                               [203]
FEk   Fredrik Ekman                                [9]
HF    Harry Fluks                                  [134]
HFa   Hannes Faestermann (additional info)
KCr   Kjell Crone                                  [476]
MSe   Mark Semich                                  [3]
ORN   Ole Reichstein Nielsen                       [143]
PS    Per Starback                                 [151]
THe   Tryg Helseth (additional info)

The numbers between [] indicate how many issues are indexed by the person.

If YOU want to be on this list: contact me. There are still a few Gladstone
and Disney issues un-indexed, and we can use help in indexing a lot of
Gold Key and Whitman comics.

In particular, I would like to have an index of the following:

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers            : 1 - 4, 14, 16
Donald Duck                             : 288
Mickey Mouse Adventures                 : 1 - 13, 15 - 18
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories        : 576, 592
The CB Library of Donald Duck Adventures in Color: 1 - 5, 7 - 13, 15 - ...
The CB Library of Gyro Gearloose Comics and Fillers in Color: 4

Enough for now. Back to the ducks and mice...

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