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Wed Feb 1 00:14:18 CET 1995

Well, now I'm back at last. Been a bit busy.

     DAVID: I'll type in a lot of reviews tomorrow. That Beagle Boys story 
is run in Norway now too, but they do have some other things in addition...
I've read your address now too, so that DD&Co will also be in the mail
tomorrow. BTW: You didn't send that script to Ole, did you? ;-)

Treasure of Croesus
Another fantastic story by our own Don Rosa! My congratulations, Don!
It is amazing how you manage to make such an entertaining story based 
on the history of the "real world".
In addition to the historical facts, there are also a lot of small episodes,
or gags, that makes it so delightful to read. Especially the episode with 
Magica at the end. It's hard to describe the moment when Magica is looking
at Donald, after shaking hands with him. And it was a very clever way to 
solve Scrooge's problem.
The opening was really special. I'm used to see stories which starts very
calmly, and then builds up to the climax. Here we start at the top, and 
climb! (I did note a little chicken with...).
A couple of other things I really liked was the jar in the museum, and the
bin of Croesus. The latter was really clever, and indeed quite obvious when
thinking of it after having read it.
Another thing I like with (some of) your stories are the gags that run 
through the hole story, like Donald's song (and the TV watching in the 
library story). That really made a wonderful gag at the end of the story
(it's hard to believe that Waterloo could have had the same effect).

I don't have enough knowledge of the area, or the history, to find any
mistakes in the story (and I don't want to find any :), but I'm quite sure
that the Germans call the city (with the park) "Munchen" (with a couple of
dots in appropriate places) and not "Munich".

BTW: If you were ever looking for gags that were _really_ lost in foreign
translations of your stories, there is a "good" one at the end of the 
Norwegian version of "Cash flow": (something like) 
     "How can Anton do it in the comic business?"

I've just read the discussion of Cussler, whose name I very succsessfully
had forgotten, until you reminded me of it. He's certainly one of the worst
writers I've ever read. Especially the "Raise Titanic" is just plain stupid.
It's been made a movie too, based on that book. I see every movie and read 
every book about Titanic that I can find (I'm working on a model of the ship. 
It might be finished sometime... Fortunately there exist a lot of pictures of
Olympic, her sistership (pictures of Britannic aren't very useful, since
she was finished, in 1914, as a hospitalship. She was sunk before the war
ended)), so I really looked forward to see the movie when it was showed on 
TV. I guess I shouldn't have had the movies "A night to remember" (based on
Walter Scott's "novel") and "S.O.S. Titanic" in mind when I saw it...

Yes, I was indeed very confused by the redrawn stories before I found out 
which ones were redrawn. I found myself going in circles when I tried to
determine which one were made before another one. I'm really glad he did
that redrawing, though, BTW.

Hog Haid Moe
DAVID: I see that you intend to use him in your new story, but since you
ask for Xeroxes of him -- have you read any stories with this character?
If not, I would guess it would be difficult to use him. He has a very 
distinct personality, and you should not forget his dog (and maybe his gun). 
I think they belong together.
If noone else are helping you with those Xeroxes, I guess I could do it. 
I'll just ask my father to do the copying, and send them to me (there are 
a few stories with him among the Fethry stories I found the codes for, so I
can tell him which magazines to Xerox).

Enough for now. I'll be back :-)


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