DD&Co #3

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Wed Feb 1 21:33:53 CET 1995

Donald Duck & Co #3 1995

In the lead story (D92547, 12 pages) Daisy is angry at Donald
because he didn't show up at dinner with her, as he promised.
He tells her that he was attacked by a dinosaur...  He was.
By an "accident" he's transported to a parallel universe by 
a machine constructed by Gyro. He ends up at the dinner table
whith a lot of barbarians sitting around it (they look a bit 
like vikings, but their helmets have horns). In this world there
are dinosaurs. Donald also meets Gyro, who also were transported
there by accident.
Quite good, but the gag at the ending is stupid. Art by Vicar.

The second story is about Madam Mim (D92490, 6 pages). She's 
having trouble with her flying brush.

Then a one-pager with Donald (D92056). Now, this is interesting!
It's drawn in a very Barks-like style, even with pictures on the
wall with lot of portraits in them. It's about Donald critisizing
his neighboor for not delivering a drill he's borrowed from Donald.
The neighboor tells Donald to deliver a lot of things that he's
borrowed from the neighboor.

The fourth story is a Mickey story (D92544, 8 pages). 
MM and goofy are solving a mystery at a perfume factory.
Bad, really bad.

Then a Goofy one-pager. He's using Clarabelles hair drier to melt
the ice, so the birds can have a bath.

Then a half-pager with Donald (W/WDC 111). 

Then comes part 3 of "Race to the South Seas". This is the last

Last is a one-pager with Pluto (KF 12.10.39).

The article about Don Rosa is in this issue.


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