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I have send this once to the Disney-list, but somehow it never appeared in the
digest - so
I'm trying again...

You are right, I guess it was The Weasel, van Horn is actually the only
duckman on the
acknowledgement-list who didn't write an article - why he is acknowledged I
don't know...

Content of Carl Barks & Co. - one shot 22:

Foreword: Fred Milton & Benny Boedker Nielsen
Carl Barks in a European Conversation, Interview made in Amsterdam, July
14th. 1994, by ?
Meeting Carl Barks in Norway, by Geir Hasnes
Denmark, by Fred Milton
Finland, by Markku Saarinen
Sweden, by Olof Siverbo & Anders Berglund, NAFS(k)- Swedish Donaldist Org.
Germany, by Wolfgang J. Fuchs, free-lance translator
Italy, by Luca Boschi, columnist and artist
France, by Didier Ghez
Holland, by Frank Jonker, Disney writer
Carl Barks in London, Mads Stouman
What Carl Barks means to me:
- It was so wonderful at the country side, by Soeren Pedersen, Fantask
(comics shop)
- I am so old, by Jesper Klein, entertainer
- What Barks means to me, by Byron Erickson, Editor
- Salute to Barks, by Vicar, duckman
- Letter to the Maestro, by Branca, duckman
- Testament to Barks, by Rune Kidde, comics creator
- Education by Barks, by Steffen Kronborg, librarian
- Education on Barks, by Thomas Berger, editor
Barks Essay, by Dan Jippes, artist

+ lots of duck-illustrations in honor of Barks

Venlig hilsen

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