Disney-comics digest #573.

DAVID.A.GERSTEIN 9475609 at arran.sms.edinburgh.ac.uk
Mon Feb 6 16:41:28 CET 1995

      Hi, folks.

      I've recently received Moe xeroxes, a Norwegian printing of 
"Two in One", and (a bit earlier on) a 1984 German comic with that 
story about HDL's cousin Socrates Gander.  The senders of these 
things need not worry, because they're going to get their British 
weeklies soon.  The reason for the delay is that I'm waiting for an 
issue good enough to satisfy you guys...

      ANDERS:  Regarding your list,
> 66-39f   W WDC 304-?5   3           TS      MA  Trollpacka och topp-brud [Ap: DD, FE]
      This story is called "Ducky Date" in English.  I think I've 
discussed it on the list before.
> 71-45b    4       DD    En tr|ttsam s|mnkur [ap:FE] [D-coded?]
      I did see an Egmont four-pager, looking like very early Vicar, 
that included Fethry, reprinted in a small comic at Fabio's house.  
You remember that, right, Fabio?  Can you perhaps describe that story 
for us?

      HARRY:  Now that you mention story codes, I think I'll point 
out a mistake in our story-code file.  In the Italian section, we 
refer to "Dino Pedrocchi".  This should be "Federico Pedrocchi" -- 
and the date of his first stories is 1937, not 1936.

> Now, where I _really_ draw the line is things like "Grrr!," "Bah,"
> and "Wak!" Those all seem to me like Things To Say When You Can't
> Think Of Anything Else To Say.
      Under Disney, Gary Gabner had the Ducks say "Feh!" and "Yack!" 
and Don used to use "Great Honk".  Disney, as represented currently 
by Russell Schroeder, objects to all three;  in my stories they 
become "Bah", "Wak" and -- well, "Great Honk" just gets deleted.  
They also object to "Homina, Homina" coming from anyone other than 
Don Rosa.

      ANYONE WHO WORKS WITH EGMONT:  If you can talk to Stefan 
Printz-Pahlson and tell him that I will have to communicate with him 
only by mail from now on, because the British phone system and the 
local jacking-up of rates has made it impossible for me to phone him 
as of a system alteration last week, I would be very grateful.  He 
will hear from me as soon as I can figure out what to do, but for now 
I am stymied.  Perhaps he can send me his comments on my current 
projects rather than plan to discuss them on the phone.  That may 
have to be what is done.
      Please don't ask on the digest why I can't make collect calls, 
why I can't call him and have him call me back, or why I can't 
reach the Danish switchboard operator.  I just can't, and I mustn't 
waste other people's money explaining everything here.

      When I referred to "Only a Poor Old Man" having airbrushed 
color, I mean simply Gladstone's current computer color, which 
started in 1989.  USOS 386 was last reprinted in an album issued just 
prior to when Gladstone started using that color.  Anyway, now we'll 
get this epic tale looking as slick as it should.

      That's all for now, folks.

      David Gerstein
      <9475609 at arran.sms.ed.ac.uk>

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