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AD>So you're among the crowd that doesn't like the Goofy King Arthur-type
  >stories, eh?  I like them myself.

        Me, too.  I used to read tthose stories whenever Abril felt like
publishing them (very sparingly, indeed).  Although the earliest story
of that kind I can remember (Christopher Columbus) had its first
Brazilian printing in 1977, only in 1981 Abril released a decent
six-volume series - each volume with 100 pages and two stories pasted
together by some flimsy Brazilian plot (e.g. Goofy hits his head and
thinks he's King Tut).  Just to make things worse, the series never had
a real nationwide release; I bought volumes 1 and 6 on interstate trips
and hunted the other ones at local newsstands.  It's a small world but
Brazil isn't... <G>

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