Disney-comics digest #583.

ADEBLIEC@drew.edu ADEBLIEC at drew.edu
Wed Feb 15 04:25:25 CET 1995

Just a quick couple of notes:

Todd Spiegel - How rude...

David Gerstein: I promised a response to your Donald and Mickey debate and 
so far haven't delivered again.  :(  I promise you it was unintentional, 
but two things have conspired against me - a new e-mail system and my 
studies, computer science especially.  I'll try to get to you on this as 
soon as my professor lets up.  ;)

-Augie De Blieck Jr.
"I'm sharper than the sharpies and tougher than the toughies!"
		-Uncle $crooge McDuck

P.S. I'm using the new e-mail system to write this. Cross your fingers, an 
maybe the annoying excess header message won't show up in the digest! :)

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