Hard Haid Moe in Holland

H.W. Fluks fluks at pcssdc.pttnwb.nl
Mon Feb 20 17:38:52 CET 1995

I'm currently re-reading my entire Dutch Disney collection (also for
checking and updating the Dutch files in the Database). I started in
1952, and now reached 1968. The last time I read those comics was in
1992, when I first indexed them. Some stories get a whole new
perspective after 3 years "mailing list experience"!

For instance: I repeatedly stated that Hard Haid Moe was never
published in Holland. I now know _one_ story featuring Moe!

It was published in Holland in 1966. I don't know the artist and the
story doesn't have a code, but it certainly looks like the "S-coded"
stuff from that time. I even think this is the _first_ story that was
made with Moe! Fethry does not appear in the story.

Donald drives a school bus to the countryside, where the children meet
Moe. In Dutch, they call him "Meneer Stijfhoofd", which could be translated
as "Mister Hard Head". An indication that "Hard Haid Moe" is a better
name than "Hog Haid Moe". Moe has a dog in the story, but it has no

(And now: back to my comics...)


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