Mickey and Goofy

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Fri Feb 24 01:07:39 CET 1995

Goofy stories
I've always regarded those stories as a parody on history, with
Goofy and Mickey acting in important roles, and not as "real"
Mickey & Goofy stories. This makes them actors of course, but 
that's not really unexpected since the stories are made by the 
Disney Studio. My conclusion about them then, is that it doesn't 
really matter that Goofy and Mickey doesn't act like they should 
be, since it isn't them.
     I like the stories (I think my favourite is the Beethoven
story), but I don't think they fit in D&M. One reason why I like
them is probably that there are so few of them. Then they can
be regarded as an interesting event. Would I have liked Duck 
Tales too, if there had only been made about twenty stories (and
no TV-episodes)? No, I don't think so. The Duck Tales characters 
are too similar to the DELL characters, but the Goofy and Mickey
characters in the Goofy stories are so defined by the stories they
act in that they can't be confused by the real ones (by those who
know the characters, of course).

Disney Politics
It would hardly have any effect to try to harm Disney in any way,
since they have very little to do at all with comics.

>the only other thing to do would be to boycott Disney comics.

No chance :)

Egmont must have more than a million readers (if not buyers) only
in Norway and Sweden, so they would have been affected by a boycott, 
but they didn't make the system.

>There is an even simpler story where Donald rides the children to a
>nuclear power plant... unbelievably bad.

There is a bell ringing somewhere. I must have "forgot" that story.

>Maybe you mean "The Lost Legion", from WDC 167/168/169? From the 
>mid-fifties, >BTW.

I forgot that there was some delay between the American and Norwegian
publication at that time. It was printed in Norway in the mid-sixties
some time. 
Is that the story where they dress up a lot of coconuts as soldiers? 

>This is one of the (few) Murry MM stories that deserves a reprint.

>This is one of my FAVORITE Murry stories.

I think I'll try to find it next time I visit my collection :-)

>Actually, "How to Ski" (that's the title) is NOT drawn by Esteban.

It isn't? You're probably right. I would have seen it if there were
any Mickeys :)  I thought the "clean" style looked like Esteban.
That birthday story is 200 kilometers away from me...

>I would of course love a Mickey title

Hmmm... In Norway we have a Mickey title -- and they fill it with 
the most stupid new stories they can find! In the late 80s and
early 90s they printed a lot of french stories where Goofy is 
playing James Bond. Arrrgh!


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