Most/Least Barks reprints

Jon Cato Lorentzen jonlo at
Fri Feb 24 11:57:18 CET 1995

Fluks wrote:
> resist reading them (and I don't _want_ to resist that). 1975 is one of
> the best years in Dutch DD Weekly. The most Barks stories ever, they started

In the Norwegian DD weekly, the definitive Barks peak was in 1976, when
44 out of 52 issues contained something by Barks.

>1984 also happens to be the Dutch year with the least Barks stories (ever).

This happened in 1983 up here, with only 2 Barks issues. 

I did make a statistic of this once, if anyone would be interested. It shows
how many issues each year had Barks-stories.


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