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Knut Hunstad Knut.Hunstad at veg.sintef.no
Fri Feb 24 13:08:46 CET 1995

>Goofy stories
>I've always regarded those stories as a parody on history, with
>Goofy and Mickey acting in important roles, and not as "real"
>Mickey & Goofy stories. This makes them actors of course, but 
>that's not really unexpected since the stories are made by the 
>Disney Studio. My conclusion about them then, is that it doesn't 
>really matter that Goofy and Mickey doesn't act like they should 
>be, since it isn't them.

I quite agree with you, I always felt the same about those stories.

>     I like the stories (I think my favourite is the Beethoven
>story), but I don't think they fit in D&M.

I also think Beethoven was one of the best in the series. Do I 
misunderstand, or is D&M printed at regular magazine size instead of albums? 
I can't quite imagine these stories without the album format, since the 
drawings make heavy use of pictureframe-crossing effects (or whatever the 
correct term is).

> One reason why I like
>them is probably that there are so few of them. Then they can
>be regarded as an interesting event.

I would actually like to see more of them! Where can I find a list over how 
many of them have been produced? I have a german album with Goofy as: "The 
invisible man" which I think is quite good. But I can't remember ever seeing 
that published in Norway. After reading the Goofy version, I got curious 
about the original. Shortly thereafter I more or less stumbled upon the 
original text stored electronically on the WWW. I downloaded it and read it 
on my computer, without ever printing it on paper! I think that was very 
interesting and am thinking of doing that for more of the stories that have 
been treated in different ways in comics (the DD pockets in Norway have 
quite many (italian) stories based upon more or less famous literature). Of 
course, I might never get around to realizing this before I retire, but I'll 
need something to do if I live long enough, right!

> Would I have liked Duck 
>Tales too, if there had only been made about twenty stories (and
>no TV-episodes)? No, I don't think so.

Ditto! I still think Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers etc. is the most 
disappointing thing I have yet seen from Disney (I mean, Gummi Bears are 
even worse, but they are at least new characters, so they don't ruin a 
previously great product)!

>Hmmm... In Norway we have a Mickey title -- and they fill it with 
>the most stupid new stories they can find!

More specifically they focus very extremely on the detective image of 
Mickey, with a detective club and that kind of stuff...

> In the late 80s and
>early 90s they printed a lot of french stories where Goofy is 
>playing James Bond. Arrrgh!

Most of them are bad, but I remember seeing at least one such story that was 
quite good, too. Sorry I don't have any specific references...

Knut Hunstad
Trondheim, Norway

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