Disney-comics digest #586.

Mike Pohjola mikep at freenet.hut.fi
Sun Feb 26 17:01:51 CET 1995

	(sorry about the delay, I was on a weeks vacation at Austria)
	Heh, I'm sorry for the low number of letters. But perhaps most
Finnish readers are rational enough to think you probably will get hundreds
of letters from Finland only so you hardly will read and reply _their_ mail.
I am willing to bet 50% of the letters you received were from people under
ten years old. Other letters are from hyper-fans, comic-experts and just people
(such as me) who want to make everybody jealous by saying: "Oh sure I know
Rosa, or Keno as we call him. As a matter of fact we just had a conversation
about blah blah blah." :)

	How do people know about you? Well, your style is personal. Very
personal for a Disney comic and Donald Duck is one of the most popular (if not
the most popular) comic books in Finland and there are lots of comic fans in
Finland who know the name of Carl Barks (and now you) in the age of five. 
I did. And after 13 months after the first Rosa story was published in Finland,
there was a question in editor's corner: "Why does Donald Duck have so stupid
stories? For instance in issue 48/90 there was the worst drawing style and
a chaotic story, wherein Donald does stupid things in a garden and then hides
in a fox hole." Then the editor replied: "The story mentioned was drawn by
a young American artist Don Rosa. His original style divides the readership
in two groups. The others think Rosa's way of seeing the DUck family is 
strange while the others fall in eternal love with his personal art and
storylines." This was only the first mention of you. There have been several
after that. 
	And for the fanmail he simply mentioned in the editor's corner that
the editorial staff had gotten your address and it would send forward any
letters to you unopened. Maybe later it might publish the address as well.
(perhaps this is what some people are waiting for) And you are the only one
so far who has had this honor.

	Btw, what is HERO ILLUSTRATED?-o


	Mike - The Finnish Trekkie

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