News from Holland

H.W. Fluks fluks at
Wed Mar 1 14:51:30 CET 1995

I talked to dutch editor Jos Beekman today. I asked him a few questions
and he had some interesting answers, mostly about Rosa stuff.

- Don: your Duck family tree will be published in the Dutch DD Weekly,
  somewhere this year. That would be one of the rare occasions that Rosa
  art can be seen in the Weekly.

  The reason that your work is not published in the Weekly ususally is that
  they consider it to be for the "real Duck-lovers", just like Van Horn
  has his own set of fans. The Weekly is basically meant for (smaller)

- Don: The Dutch editors know nothing of a fax message or any other message
  from a Weasel, last year. They have nothing against you, it's just that
  they don't mention any Disney creator, except Barks. The mentioning
  of Marco Rota in that "Dagobert" album #50, without mentioning you,
  was an unintentional mistake.

- Beekman thinks it's very unlikely that Barks visits Europe again.
  During Barks' last visit, his house keeper died. He was quite depressed
  by that.

- Rosa in Dutch DD Extra: Lo$ 10 in #95-04, "Guardians of the Lost Library"
  in #95-05 (the original Egmont version), Lo$ 11 in #95-06
  or -07, Lo$ 12 in #95-08 or -09.

- Don: Jos Beekman asked me to tell you that he very much liked your
  first story, "Son of the Sun". He originally translated the story,
  but then he went on holiday, and they had a temporary hired person
  review and (computer)letter the text. Much of the little gag texts
  (like the blue etc. diamonds) were lost, but Jos DID translate them

- They have no idea when David's stories will be printed in Holland.
  It seems they don't have a database like we have, so it was no use
  for me to tell them the codes.

- They didn't know there were 2 versions of the longer Rosa stories.
  They will keep that in mind when they order the Croesus story (and
  other stories).


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