Mark Semich mas at
Fri Mar 10 04:20:13 CET 1995

> Sherline Lee: <I wonder if anyone has ever mentioned Disney comics (as
> published by Marvel) in the United States. Is this a no-no for this
> list?>

> The Disney Comics you mention are actually published by Gladstone in
> Arizona, and distributed to 7-11s by Marvel. 

Of course, it's entirely possible that Sherline meant Marvel Disney's -  
ie, Little Mermaid, etc.  I guess Captain Doberman pretty much indirectly  
answered this question - No one talks about them because there doesn't  
seem to be much interest.  :-)

I hope that I would be the case that if people talk about these books, it  
would be allowed.  After all, they *are* technically "Disney" comics.

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