Tryg & Jorgen Cdoberman at
Sun Mar 12 01:36:51 CET 1995

Tryg:  "how did you arrive at there only being 7 readers 
hailing from the United States?"

It was really quite a simple calculation, and while I have NEVER CLAIMED TO
BE A GOOD COUNTER, if you will hear me out, I shall explain:  Pick any
number, multiply by 2, add 32, divide by three and a half and add four.
 Sevens every time!  (I believe Barks used a similar formula to calculate the
Beagle Boys' numbers.)

Jorgen: "I just read an Italian story with 177 pages :)"  

Holy Cow! -- Printed in ONE magazine??  See, here in the U.S., Gladstone has
shown some mercy to us -- they print stories of any length in a serial format
-- for instance, they've been printing "Monarch of Medioka" in WDCS since
August of '94.  This is more my pace.  And don't think I didn't pick up on
your European maniacal smugness, "I _just_ read 177 pages."  As if to say, "I
_just_ inhaled," or "I _just_ saw a butterfly."  Give yourself some credit,
man.  177 pages!  Phew.  Or whew.  You decide.

And thanks to every one who reminded me that Marvel is now shipping the
movie-based comics.  See what I mean about only being able to keep track of
three titles a month.  ;)

World Peace.


"But, Mickey!  It's SUICIDE!  We'll be KILLED!  How'll we ever land without
wheels?" -- Captain Doberman

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