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Bev Keddy nstn1173 at fox.nstn.ca
Sun Mar 12 16:13:15 CET 1995

Don:  I am a Nova Scotian born and bred and have been to Oak Island.  I 
must admit that it was a little disappointing to see the actual money pit.  
Both my girlfriend and I enjoyed the tour of the island but walked away 
expecting a little more.  

You gave a very brief history of the island, Don.  There actually is quite 
a bit about it that's interesting, as you know.  I don't think  you 
mentioned the people who died mysteriously digging for the treasure.  You 
didn't mention that Franklyn D. Roosevelt was at one point personally 
involved in digging; his interest in the island continued into his days as 
President.  You didn't mention the tiny piece of parchment brought up by an 
excavation tool, nor the single link of gold chain also brought up.  
Coconut fibres (in Nova Scotia?) were found in the shaft.  And did a camera 
lowered into the pit photograph what appears to be a human hand deep down 
the shaft, or is it something else? (I've seen the photograph and can't be 
sure).  And what about the mysterious Christian Cross found near the pit?  
Or the stone triangle which some believed to point in the direction of the 

There have been numerous books written about Oak Island.  One 1993 book, 
_Oak Island Gold_, by local author Willam Crooker, is particularly 
interesting.  Crooker doesn't think it was pirates who buried the treasure, 
but someone else.  I won't tell you who he thinks it was as I don't want to 
give it away.  I will tell you that I did enjoy the book thoroughly and 
recommend it to people interested in the continuing search for treasure on 
Oak Island.

Please feel free to contact me for information how to get your hands on 
this excellent book.

 Bev Keddy
 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
 Email:nstn1173 at fox.nstn.ca

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