Jorgen in digest #606.

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Mon Mar 13 11:14:28 CET 1995

>      The story is I-1993, and is a sequel to another long story, 
> which code I don't remember. The story is really good. The art is 
> good to (Scarpa?).

I think it is more likely to be Cavazzano than Scarpa. Scarpa drew great
stories in the 50s and early 60s, but after that his Ducks became just
AWFUL. I've always wondered why he changed his style that much.

> There's also a young duck girl who's only appearing in those two stories. 

According to the Italian #2000 celebration issue (which I have thanks to
Fabio), this is Paperetta Ye-ye, a recurring character created by
Giorgio Cavazzano.

> [..] a ten-pager with the Dwarfs fighting against 
> The Witch. No credits, except for editors and colourists.

This most likely is the story in WDC 47, "The 7 dwarfs and the Wicked Witch",
written and drawn by Roger Armstrong and Carl Buettner.


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