Disney-comics digest #610.

ADEBLIEC@drew.edu ADEBLIEC at drew.edu
Wed Mar 15 04:39:54 CET 1995

I just read The Lentils of Babylon straight through this morning. (Ah,
the pleasures of Spring Break!)  And I just finished, likewise, writing
my letter is glowing praise of it, as well as your scripting.
The story was great, first of all.  I can see how it is one of your
favorites.  It's now one of mine.  Everything works - from the non-
linear storytelling to the implied ending to the complicated plot
revolving around anything and everything from the intricacies of the
stock market to the way advertising works.
I thought you added some great puns to the story, too.  A couple had me
laughing out loud, in fact.  I love both bad and good puns.  Yes, there
were a couple of panels I thought were too wordy, but there weren't 
_too_ many.  Good job, overall.
Can't wait for the next issue now to read "Only a poor old man..." (I know,
I probably muffed the title up something awful.  Apologies in advance.)


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