Disney-comics digest #610.

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Thu Mar 16 16:19:01 CET 1995

      Yeow!  So they DID reprint the 10-pager from WDC&S 47!  Now I have 
to get my hands on this comic... typical for Marvel that they didn't 
know who had made the stories, though.  Pathetic.  You think they'd at 
least TRY to dig up some credits.  Ask Gladstone, for instance.  I'm 
tempted to say they probably have never heard of Alberto Becattini, but 
I should give Marvel the benefit of the doubt.

      Isn't "CollectOry" spelled with an "O"?  How was it spelled on 
that old Barks lithograph?
      I'm sure glad this one-shot series is going to be a reality.  But 
how could the first Gladstone ad for it only give it such a brief 
write-up?  What was the main point of the ad, if not the new series?

      This version of the name was also on an English-to-Italian list of 
Disney character names that I saw on Alberto Becattini's wall.  I hope 
that finalizes things.  Why didn't I remember this before?
      In my story, Hard-Haid Moe is Hard-Haid Moe and, now, his dog is 
Hannibal.  Why use him?  Why not?  I somehow really liked the idea of 
bringing back this obscure character that some people seemed to think 
appeared in the better S-coded stories, and I had an idea for a story 
with a hillbilly, so why not bring ol' Moe back into action?

      Just yesterday Egmont faxed me Vicar's art for a story I never 
expected to see drawn right now (they're being drawn out of order!).  
"The Sheepish Rancher" involves DD working on Uncle Scrooge's sheep 
ranch, trying to outsmart a wolf.  I actually think the art here is some 
of the best I've ever seen from Vicar... no kidding.  Because I asked 
for a lot of Rosa-like details, I got them.
      I don't know when Egmont plans to publish the story, but soon, I 
guess.  If it somehow appears while I'm gone, please note that the sixth 
panel on the ninth page, and the last panel on the tenth page, are 
supposed to have no dialogue.  Egmont added some.  It'll be removed when 
Gladstone prints the tale.
      Uh-oh.  There's some business with a shotgun in here that I wrote 
before learning of the changes to LO$ 3.  Due to the nature of the story 
(I'm not giving anything away) MAYBE I can get Disney to let it by, but 
I can't be sure.

      AND I'M OFF!
      I'm heading for a few weeks in sunny California, effective now!  
Keep sending the Digests to Scotland, Per.  And can you send me your 
normal mail address, Gilbert?  I DO have a comic waiting to send.  (I 
sent yours, Jorgen/Tobias/Anders/Dave R.)
      Over the break I'll be finishing the DD/Moe story, doing a Br'er 
Rabbit story, and (probably) one story apiece for Mickey and Gyro, too.  
I think all of you will enjoy my Gyro story, but we'll just have to wait 
and see!  ;-)

      "It's a good job for someone -- somebody else, not me!"

      David Gerstein
      <9475609 at arran.sms.ed.ac.uk>

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