Unca Walt meets Snow White

Tryg Helseth trygve at maroon.tc.umn.edu
Fri Mar 17 01:42:44 CET 1995

DON Wrote:

>...they have now decided that Gladstone CANNOT use the title UNCLE WALT'S
>COLLECTORY. I understand that "Uncle Walt" is a term used by Disney employees
>when speaking derogatorily about their own corporation, and they can hardly
>allow the name to be used as the title of a funnybook! 

They apparently have quite a different view then the fans do.  Now if 
someone were to publish reprints of Walter Lantz or Walt Scot comics would 
Disney object if THEY used "Uncle Walt?"   

DAVID Wrote:

>Isn't "CollectOry" spelled with an "O"?  How was it spelled on 
>that old Barks lithograph?

I wouldn't be surprised, but the Gladstone Ad in CBG spells it with an "E."

>      Yeow!  So they DID reprint the 10-pager from WDC&S 47!  Now I have 
>to get my hands on this comic... typical for Marvel that they didn't 

Yeow is right!  I had never looked at those Marvel Disney comics assuming 
that they were just doing new material.  Now I wonder what other goodies 
have been slipping by...  


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