Disney-comics digest #612.

RHODE@email.afip.osd.mil RHODE at email.afip.osd.mil
Fri Mar 17 15:43:03 CET 1995

     PER: Thanks for the info on my Swedish comic. It is Italian reprints - 
     I haven't checked the ftp site (which I would prefer you keep not 
     having WWW access), but let me know if the specific info is needed. 
     Here's something that may be of interest to the true $crooge disciples 
     on the list (ie they have money).
     Diamond distributors, one of the biggest in America, has branched out 
     into running a "comics gallery."  They've got some Disney stuff for 
     sale now including:
     Snow White cel of witch with poisoned apple for $150,000
     Original Mickey Mouse strip by Gottfredson, Jan 8, 1937 for $7,500
     5 Barks lithographs between $380 and 2,500
     The Barkster sculpture $5,000
     Four Color #9 for $4,000
     Mickey Mouse Magazine (1935) #1 for $6,000
     WDC&S #1 for $15,000 in very fine condition
     Uncle Scrooge - The Lemonade King (1960), a hardcover children's book 
     by Barks for $350.
     They've got other Disney stuff in addition to other comics.
     FREE color illustrated catalog is available from:
     Ann Berube
     Sales Manager
     1966 Greenspring Dr, Suite 401
     Timonium, MD 21093
     410-560-7100 ext 451
     FAX 410-560-7143
     Don't tell her I sent you :)

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