DD&Co #12

Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Wed Mar 29 21:05:36 CEST 1995

Donald Duck & Co #12 1995

- Donald Duck (H8340, 10 pages). Jan Gulbransson.
Donald is hired as the manager of a hotel owned by Scrooge.
Scrooge tells him that what he earns at several activities
and the food, at the hotel, will be his salary. When he gets 
there he finds out that the guests are there to rest, and 
they want it to be very silent. Also they want very healthy, 
non-expensive food. Donald tries very hard to make money, 
and the guests complain. After a while Donald's activities
put the hotel in danger of being buried in an avalanche. 
After that, everyone has to be very quiet. The guests are 
A very good story, with very good art. A lot of it reminds 
of Carl Bark's avalanche story.

- Mickey Mouse (D93342, 8 pages). The same artist as in D93084.
Mickey and Goofy attend a football camp where a famous player
is supposed to teach them, and a lot of other people, how to
play football. Mickey finds out that he doesn't wants them 
to learn it at all. He just wants a bad team which his own
team will have no problems with in a charity match. Then
Mickey trains the bad team, and they win.
Good art, but the story...

- Donald Duck (D93133, two pages). Art by Xavi.
Gladstone tells Donald that luck and greed are to very 
different things, which Donald finds out after having found
a wallet full of money. Instead of returning it to the owner,
he goes to buy some expensive clothes. The salesman shows
up to be the wallet's owner.

- Mickey Mouse (KF 7.21.46, 1 page).

- Madam Mim (D93354, 6 pages). Art by Millet.
Mim becomes the leader of a group of girl scouts. She 
misunderstand why the girls want to go out in the forest, and
makes a palace for them. Then she removes it, and the girls tell 
her that they can do very well without magic. They can't see the 
big umbrella, above them, which has stopped the rain.

- Donald Duck (D93440, 1 page). Art by Xavi.
The lighthouse gag.

- Uncle Scrooge (D91392, 8 pages, total 16 pages). Art by Branca.
Second and last part of the black diamond story. The diamond
ends up to be destroyed in a volcano, and Scrooge capture the
treasures of the pirates.
Still quite good. Good art.

- Donald Duck (KF 12.6.40, 1 page). Bob Karp, Al Taliaferro. 


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