Swedish "ankism"-list.

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Wed Nov 8 22:23:54 CET 1995

[ Mostly for the twenty-something Swedish subscribers to this list.
  Sorry for wasting the bandwidth of most other folks. ]

I've started a new mailing list in Swedish now about Donaldism in
general.  (That is Disney comics *as well as* other Disney stuff.)
Like this list it's available in two forms: in "reflector" form (get
everything immediately) or in "digest" form (get in in bigger chunks).

The discussions are in Swedish.

To subscribe to the "reflector" list, send a subscription request to
ankism-request at strindberg.ling.uu.se.

To subscribe to the "digest" list, send a subscribe request to
ankism-d-request at strindberg.ling.uu.se.
--       "
Per Starback, Uppsala, Sweden.  email: starback at minsk.docs.uu.se
 "S} roligt att tr{ffa n}gon som talar {rans och hj{ltarnas spr}k!"

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