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Thu Nov 9 09:48:12 CET 1995

I'm getting a bit nostalgic here... Per is starting with digest #1 again
and Melanie, whom I haven't "seen" in 3 years, is still there!

JYRKI VAINIO (Welcome. Your name looks perfectly normal to me 8-):
> So far my greatest shock has been a story that was
> published already few years ago: the Finnish title of the story
> was "Todenpuhuja" - a straight translation would be "the Truth
> Speaker".

This is one of the funniest stories I read in the past few years.
The Dutch name of the guy is "Telepatoe", and I think the way he is
drawn is very funny. About the violence in the story: similar scenes
(not showing the violence, but people have black eyes afterwards)
are in other Dutch stories.

This "Telepatoe" story was drawn by Mau Heymans. Unfortunately, I don't
know who wrote it. Code: H 91022. Reprinted in Denmark in Anders And
27, 1993 (in other countries about the same time).

> Finland's Comic Society's magazine had
> picked up a panel from a Danish Duck story that had FOUR nephews
> in it. Does anyone know anything more?

I remember one Danish story where 3 aliens come to the earth, and they
look exactly like the nephews. Maybe that's the one, but they could
also have picked a panel with six nephews in that case.

> I've started a new mailing list in Swedish now about Donaldism in
> general.

I hope we non-Swedes keep informed if interesting news appears on that

FRANK, about Scarpa:
> So you can compare the styles for yourself if you don't have the 
> comics, or recognise the story and find your own translations of the comics 
> if you have non-Italian reprints.

Also, the new version of the Disney comics Database contains a lot of
information about Danish reprints of Scarpa stories (thanks to Ole
Reichstein). Other European reprints (in pocket books) could be derived
from the Danish info, since the pocket books often contain the same
stories all over Europe.

(Unfortunately, I can't look at your or any WWW page, since I can only
use e-mail.)


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