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Mike Pohjola mikep at
Wed Nov 22 20:17:30 CET 1995

	What do you think makes a good story? The adventure? The art? The
dialogue? Humour? Realism? Simpleness?
	I know all these have some to say with the out-came, but is there 
something you value more than the others?

	You made me that great drawing when in Finland. Thank you. Now I was
wandering about my rights with it. And yours. So, will I (or you) get into 
some kind of a trouble if I'll make photocopies of it and give to my friends
so that they can get real jealous/scan it and upload it into BBSs and perhaps
the disney-comics-ftp-server/scan it, color it and print it?
	I think I can remember atleast two of your stories (GotLL and BtX) where
it was said that Marco Polo was in China and 'round there. This might, however,
be untrue. The following article was published in a Finnish magazine last 
	The famous Venicean merchant and traveller Marco Polo might have made up
his travelogues says a fresh book published in England. According to doctor
Frances Wood who is specialized in investigating China Polo never went near
China and invented all the stories about his journeys to Far East.
	And so it continues. Tell me if you're interested in seeing the rest
of the article. Wood's book is called "Did Marco Polo Go to China?"	


	Mike - The Finnish Trekkie

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