Walled towns

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Sun Nov 26 20:34:01 CET 1995

Todd wrote quite correctly that
>  in York, as in Quebec, there are modern buildings
> inside the wall along with the ancient ones. Then again, 
> Lucca may be using that old marketing ploy of claiming to 
> be one of a kind because most people won't question the 
> assertion...

>From memory I can mention at least two contenders to 
Lucca, the French town Carcassone and of course 
Dubrovnovik (or what remains...). And I know there are more! 
I've been to C. myself and its indeed complete, no modern 
building (which of course means younger than the 15th 
Century) inside at all. Part of the reason is that the inhabitants 
moved their trade some hundred meters/yards away and 
sat up a new town when the old one became obsolete (too 
small and too weak to resist canons). For all planning to go 
to Southern France I highly recommend the pittoresque 
youth hostel inside the walls, as well as several nice 

So always watch out for local marketing!

Bjo/rn Are

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