Odd Bodkins

Tryg Helseth tryg.helseth at tstation.mn.org
Sun Nov 26 23:08:00 CET 1995

Hello All:

I've found myself using the phrase "odd bodkins" from time to time and
was asked by someone where it came from.

I remember it as something I read in a comic book as a child.  It was a
story set in medieval time and was uttered by a character when startled
by some unusual situation.  I think it was a Mickey Mouse story, but am
not sure.  (It could be something as obscure as Walt Scot's Little
People.)  The phrase struck me as unusual and has stuck with me through
the years though I don't know its origin or even its original

I was reminded of the phrase again today on a public radio program, "To
the Best of Our Knowledge"; they were talking to a man who teaches kids
lessons on human values through story telling.  He goes by the name of
Odds Bodkin!

He didn't explain where his name came from, but I am starting to wonder
if that term has been in use for a while?   My dictionary defines
"bodkin" as "a pointed instrument for making holes in cloth" along with
a couple other similar definitions.

Does anyone know of a comic book story that used this phrase?  Any
ideas on an origin of the phrase?



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