Disney-comics digest #861.

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Wed Nov 29 14:45:00 CET 1995

        I did double-check the unabridged about "Odds bodkins" and I was
sorta surprised that my memory was perfect. It means "God's body" as in
"Christ's body" after the bit on the cross. Also, it referred me to
"Gadzooks", which means "God's (or Christ's) wounds"... both expressions
used as a mild oath as in "By the Body of Christ!"

        I think the next show I've agreed to do is in Niagara Falls, NY, on
March 9-10 or thereabouts. After that, I might be back in Italy and later
definitely in Germany and Norway in June. I always go to San Diego, but only
to shop for old comics, never to miss the entire show by sitting behind a
table. But Gladstone might have a table in San Diego to sell that "Lo$"
album series and other stuff, of course, and if so, I'm sure to be there at
times, if only to have a place to sit down beyond the crowd.

        I still don't think you're clear on this Ludwig Von Drake stuff. He
was created by the Disney TV people for THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF COLOR TV
series in 1961. Tony Strobl was doing comic books for Dell, so he wouldn't
have had anything to do with creating LVD, unless there's stuff goin' on
that I've never known about. And LVD is NOT in that "Donald's Diary" cartoon
-- that's just a coincidental look-alike. The same way that there's a
whiskered, Scottish version of Donald in an old WWII cartoon -- it might
LOOK like $crooge but it's merely a coincidence.
        Also, I didn't say I "goofed" when I put Fethry Duck on my tree. I
said that the Egmont editors asked me to, since Fethry is a popular
character in Europe. I said that he is NOT on my private version of the
"real" Tree (as far as I'm concerned)... but LVD *is* in my version, married
to Matilda McDuck. But those same editors didn't want LVD on the published
Tree, though for reasons I can't recall 4 years later.

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