Odds Bodkins, methinks Mickey Mouse?

Tryg Helseth trygve at maroon.tc.umn.edu
Thu Nov 30 02:03:10 CET 1995

Don Wrote:

>        I did double-check the unabridged about "Odds bodkins" and I was
>sorta surprised that my memory was perfect. It means "God's body" as in
>"Christ's body" after the bit on the cross. Also, it referred me to
>"Gadzooks", which means "God's (or Christ's) wounds"... both expressions
>used as a mild oath as in "By the Body of Christ!"

Thanks again for checking up on that, Don.  Only a week ago I thought 
that phrase was just a modern concoction intended to sound Medieval.  I had 
no idea it was authentic!   (No doubt about it, I have to get a better 

I am still in the dark, however, as to which comic book I saw that used 
in.  For some reason, I still picture some charater in Medieval garb 
saying that to either Mickey or Goofy.  Since no one else seems to recall 
this, however, I guess I'll just have to start re-reading all those MM 
stories until if find it.  This may take a while... :)


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