Disney-comics digest #801.

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Mon Oct 2 13:34:00 CET 1995

        Horrors! GIRL Junior Woodchucks?!?! NEVER! What heresy! 
        The Chickadees (or was it something like the Little Chickadees?) are
Duckburg's girl scout brigade. It may very well be associated with the
Woodchucks... maybe even use their manual. But it's much more fun to have
the girls and the boy scouts separate for possible rivalries. And in my own
private view of Duckburg, I prefer it since it's much more "50's".

        I don't do the Beagle Boys clothes the way I'd really like to. I'd
prefer to put their numbers on plates hanging from their necks (as in their
earliest appearances) and with their group name stenciled on their prison
shirts. This is the way I drew them before I went to work for Egmont, but I
was told to draw them more in the accepted style (and remove the English
stencil, of course). As for thier flies... I just found it uncomfortable
drawing the fronts of their pants blank, like they were wearing leotards or
something. It's just my yen to fill blank spaces with needless and
irritating detail, and make the job take me longer than it needs to. If you
knew a way to prevent me from doing these things, I wish you'd tell me.
Someone please stop me before I draw more!!!
        If I don't bring you an english Duck Family Tree, I'm sure someone
will send you a copy of WDC&S #600 where it's printed.

        There has been a "Don Rosa Library" that prints only my stories in
Germany for two years now, but that title does not appear on the cover. The
cover says UNCLE $CROOGE (ONKLE DAGOBERT) and the "official" title of the
album on schedules and ads and order forms seems to be DISNEY: DON ROSA.

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