Donald Duck Extra 10 Cdoberman at
Mon Oct 9 06:18:15 CET 1995

Daniel:  "Although I am not very fond of Van Horn's work, I like this one. 
It is a good improvement to see Van Horn working with the 4-stroke 
format. It is also good to see Van Horn's ducks looking better in 
this story."

Daniel, this is my favorite Van Horn story.  Gladstone printed it last year
just in time for raking autumn leaves.  For some reason, I got very
sentimental over this one (Kathy, did you get sentimental also?)

What do you mean by a 4-stroke format?

-- Wes

"But, Mickey!  It's SUICIDE!  We'll be KILLED!  How'll we ever land without
wheels?" -- Captain Doberman

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