Digests! (whew!)

TKlein28@aol.com TKlein28 at aol.com
Mon Oct 9 11:26:58 CET 1995

Hi, all. I've received and read the first four digests before I found time to
comment -- I don't know how you keep up, Don!
     First, I just reread "The Golden Helmet" reprinted inDD ADV. 33, and
noted the following: Donald: "Sharky, I wonder if there isn't such a thing as
Punishment!"  Sharky: "Not with a smart lawyer, sir!" Hmm... sounds familiar.
      Also read DD Adv. 35, and enjoyed the Fernandez/Block Halloween story,
more than the others of theirs I've seen so far. Seems to be a better mix of
character development and plot to me, less of a hurricane of events.
     Don, thanks as always for the kind words on the lettering. I had fun
doing the Russian bit, with the help of the Cyrillic alphabet in my
encyclopedia. I must confess that the title of part 11 was done on my
computer, the only thing in the whole series that wasn't hand-lettered. (It
was a nice even rectangle, and I had just the right font...)
     I'm interested to hear Don talking about his movie influences here. I'm
probably wrong about this, but I can't recall a Barks story that seemed
 inspired by a film (setting aside the Disney animateds). His inspirations
seemed to come more from National Geographic, and classic adventure stories
(Jack London? Haggard? Stevenson?), while Don often looks to films, it seems,
though both know their history and do lots of research. Any comments?
     Re: "richest MAN/DUCK in the world". It's been a while, but I seem to
recall the script saying "duck", so they probably changed it at Gladstone, 
which seems likely if the lettering doesn't seem to match. Don, what does
your script say?

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