Disney-comics digest #813.

David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu
Fri Oct 13 02:42:22 CET 1995

	LO$ 11, which I've finally seen now, was a truly great piece
of work.  You've pointed out how many Barks references are in it time
and again, but what's best about the story is how even with all the
references, it doesn't feel self-conscious -- it doesn't seem like
you're TRYING to get them all in (even though that's what you were
doing, no doubt), if you know what I mean.
	I particularly like the scene where Scrooge selfishly crosses
Foola Zoola's religion.  Foola Zoola leaps up -- and then the way we
cut, immediately, to Scrooge covered with warpaint and wearing a
pigskin, is one of the funniest single-panel transitions you've ever
put together.
	Your details continue to be appreciated;  particularly how you
continue to follow that fellow who expected a tip on his way home
through the Arctic wastes... "Tightwad!  (mutter, grumble)"
	One minor cavil:  I could tell that you prepared the four
panels which replaced splash panel to part 3, later than the rest of
the story.  In those four panels Scrooge loses his terror and decides
to fight Bombie, but when the original part 3 picks up again, Scrooge
is scared and musing over his narrow escape, as he was at the end of
the original part 2.  Maybe you want to change a line of dialogue for
the album version, or sumpin'?
	On the whole, excellent, and you can imagine how glad I am
that it came through unaltered.  Beautiful lettering too, by the way,
Todd!  And the colors were great, too.

	cartons had King Features DD sunday gags on the sides for
eons, but last month I saw a carton with an original William Van
Horn DD gag on it!  Everything appeared to be by him, including the
word balloons -- but not the lettering, which was done by computer.
Does anyone know how these were commissioned, and how many there are?
Does Egmont have something to do with the project?  (I kinda doubt
it...)  The gag I saw even had Van Horn's usual DD name-lettering at
the top of it.

	David Gerstein
	<96dag at williams.edu>

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