Tommy and Don

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Wed Oct 18 02:23:56 CET 1995


> Epics need to provide a mythology of their own as well, and again
> Barks and Rosa deliver. In Scrooge McDuck's travels, he's
> discovered "Tralla La" (...) Rosa wrote a sequel to the "Tralla
> La" story, revealing it as Coleridges legendary land of Xanadu

Wasn't there a place called "Shangri La"? I always thought that Barks' 
story was inspired (or maybe a parody) on that place. 

Can someone tell me the difference between "Shangri La" and "Xanadu"? 
And is the "real" Xanadu the same as described by Don?  


Have you ever considered about making a story about the "Bermuda 
Triangle"? I don't know very much about that place, but of what I 
heard it seems to be very interesting. I heard stories that it 
has a "hole in the time", someone else said that it's some sort 
of connection with another (same kind of place) at the other side of 
the earth. 

The most interesting explanation I heard about it, was that the 
Bermuda Triangle has such strong magnetic fields out of the earth, 
that steel ships are "sucked" to the bottom of the sea.

I would like to see you "solve" the mystery. Maybe you like the idea? 


--- Daniel

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